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How We Will Help You Recover:

Peer Support

Peer Support

You will have someone that is also in recovery dedicated to helping you. They will be valuable resources to help with every aspect of your stay. From helping with transportation, getting into meetings, and sharing their experiences, they will be your friend on your path to recovery.

Case Management

Case Management

We know paperwork and navigating systems can be tricky. That’s why we provide you with a dedicated case manager to help you find any documents you need including birth certificates, licenses, insurance, and food stamps. Not only will they help you obtain the correct paperwork, they will also help you fill it out correctly. We want to see you thrive, so we help all of our residents with whatever they need from locating local food pantries to getting their children back and everything in between.



We want you to live as the strong woman you are. Our goal is to provide a sense of community and support so you can thrive in your recovery. Enjoy family dinners, routine and structure, support meetings, guest speakers, and time to work outside of the house. You’ll have the structure and support you need to become a happy, productive member of society.

Welcome to Izzy’s House

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Best Recovery House for Men & Women in Dayton

No matter what shape your addiction takes, there’s no shame in admitting to having a problem, and there’s no shame in admitting that we can all use some help sometimes. At Izzy’s House, we aim to help our residents regain control of their lives and help them learn to live outside of their addictions, offering peer support, case management, and a welcoming community. Our recovery center is in Dayton. If you think you need a hand, or know someone else who might, give us a call at  (937) 518-5627. 

Services to Help Your Recovery

We can help get your rehab on the road, no matter the specific nature of your addiction. Our practitioners will meet with you individually to customize a recovery program to your situation. And, of course, we can take your preferences – whether you’re more comfortable in groups or individual sessions, for example – into consideration. During your time with us, we hope to help you get in touch with the life you wish to lead. Give yourself the tools you need for the rest of your life.

Izzy's Staff Always Ready to Help

A Staff Always Ready to Help

Our staff will do their best to make your experience as comfortable as possible, throughout your entire stay. We understand that this can be an intimidating and scary experience, but we are well-prepared to help you regain control of your life. While this is a journey you must ultimately take yourself, we are here to help at every step of the way.

Start the Journey to Recovery

Whether you’re looking for Addiction Recovery Support, want to work with us, or just want to know a bit more about what we do, you can contact us via the form below or at (937) 518-5627.